3 Common Mistakes to Avoid With a Commercial Project

Commercial construction projects are complex. Between managing vendors, subcontractors, finances, timelines and any issues that could arise, there are a multitude of responsibilities to keep track of with very little room for error. At Leon Williams Contractors, we streamline this process by assembling an informed team of architects, builders, consultants, suppliers and subcontractors that know every element of the design, budget and timeline. But, still, it’s hard work. One mistake can set off a chain of events that can cause a detrimental loss of time and money. We’ve listed three of the most common mistakes you should avoid when managing a commercial project below:


1. Lack of Planning – Although your contractor will be managing the project, it is important to make sure you also thoroughly understand the deadlines and timeline set forth from start to completion. In addition to serving as a reference and refocusing point, having a plan propels construction towards the goals and deadlines outlined within. Having a plan and not following it is an equally common and detrimental mistake. If deviation is unexpected and unavoidable, it’s a good idea to revisit you plan and make adjustments to ensure existing deadlines are met.


2. Bad Contracts – Contracts are a part of any commercial construction project, so learning the terms and language of the contracts you’re signing is essential. Be sure you understand the contractual obligations to which you are consenting, particularly technical or procedural agreements like timely written notifications. In this instance, failing to deliver certain correspondence by the specified date and time can result in the surrendering of certain rights if a disagreement between you and a subcontractor deteriorates into a legal dispute.


3. Ineffective Lead Generation ­– Assembling a team of workers that provide the quality results you’re looking for is worth the effort, but ineffective lead generation can make the task even more difficult when potential members seem to have vanished. Advertising, networking and referral agreements can be effective strategies to extend your candidate pool for your commercial project.


Sometimes the biggest mistake is not asking for help when you need it. Contact Leon Williams Contractors to learn how we can see your commercial construction project through from start to finish.

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