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Construction business
3 Useful Apps for Commercial Construction Safety

Technology is revolutionizing our personal and professional lives – the commercial construction industry included. In the age of mobile technology, general contractors now have more apps than ever available at their fingertips to create and share custom blueprints, manage bids with vendors and subcontractors and even help manage workplace safety.

Hundreds of apps have been designed to help facilitate safety on the job, but with so many to choose from, how do you know where to begin?

We’ve done our research on some of the most useful construction safety apps.

Trevor King 66 via photopin cc

Trevor King 66 via photopin cc

1)    Incident Cost Calculator App – At Leon Williams Contractors, we know a safe construction environment is not only paramount for our workers and clients – it makes good business sense, too.

Want proof?

This free cost calculator app provides custom analysis of workplace incidents based on your pay rates and hours. You can even email summaries to colleagues and use the app offline. This app’s instructions and instructional videos are also rated highly by users.

2)    iConstructSafe – After more than a decade serving East Tennessee, we know that commercial construction safety is at its finest when we empower our experts and craftsmen with safety information and reminders of all kinds.

This free app can be used without wifi and includes safety reminder videos (most of which are just two-to-three minutes long) that can be used on the job site. The videos provide educational opportunities about everything from safely using various power tools to preventing falls and are designed to be used right before a worker uses the specific tool. It also includes a special section for supervisors.

3)    Safety Meeting App – This app helps you manage OSHA –required safety meetings more effectively. It features more than 950 safety-meeting topics, meets OSHA’s required meeting laws and includes both Spanish and English topics.

You only need one account for the entire company, where you can record active and inactive employees and print and download PDFs. This app is available for a free 30-day trial.

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