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Construction business
Best New Technology for Commercial Contractors

Technology is advancing pretty much daily these days, and popular gadgets are finding their way into just about every industry – even the world of commercial construction.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we’re always watching technology to see how it might make our jobs a little easier. Like most general contractors, we want to be careful to implement gadgets and apps that will be an asset to our projects around East Tennessee. But whether we make use of such technology or not, it’s interesting to see how things are developing.

Tourists and locals already enjoy using augmented reality around town – this technology gives you a live view of your surroundings, enhanced by digital content like pictures, videos, text, and graphics. Now, new software and apps are making augmented reality useful in the construction industry – allowing contractors to visualize a project in the office and on the job site, which can make it easier to communicate scale and context of a building with everyone involved, resolve any conflicts that may come up in the building process, and ultimately save time and money.

Google Glass might make augmented reality even easier on a construction site by putting it right in front of contractors’ eyes, instead of in the palm of their hand. Some companies have already started working to develop or integrate construction-management software into the platform.

What might be a little more practical and less futuristic for now is new workflow management software. Following in the footsteps of the recent cloud computing trends, this technology syncs sites, crews, data, and equipment both in the office and remotely, so everyone is on the same page at all times. Software like this could be a huge asset in managing a project more efficiently.

Other cloud-based software makes it easier to track the location and status of heavy, expensive construction equipment. Monitoring location and setting up geofences with alerts if a piece of equipment leaves a designated site will make it easier to prevent theft and abuse, and can also help monitor whether the equipment is being used properly and whether there are any maintenance issues.

There’s no doubt that as the world around us gets more high tech, the construction industry is sure to follow. We are excited to see how things continue to develop, and how we can best make use of the new technology available to our industry.

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