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Construction business
Building in Bad Weather – How Commercial Contractors Prepare

No matter the season, you never know when bad weather will show up. On a commercial construction project, crews are likely to see the whole spectrum of weather patterns, since most projects take months to complete.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we have to be particularly aware of volatile weather. Commercial construction in Knoxville and the surrounding areas can be dangerous, since the weather can go from sunny one moment to storming the next, with almost no warning.

For that reason, we always take precautions on the work site. If it looks like high winds or storms might be moving in, it’s important to secure any loose equipment, such as ladders. We also cover any equipment or materials that could be damaged, and ensure that all electrical equipment is out of the way of rain and lightning. It’s also vital to keep a close eye on the storm moving in – if it gets too bad, it’s safer to stop work in order to avoid being hit by a lightning strike. Tornadoes are likely to pop up in East Tennessee during storms, especially in the spring, so we carefully monitor weather reports and take cover in the event of any tornado warnings.

In the winter, snow and ice can be a big problem, along with cold temperatures. Here, too, is an opportunity for precautions on the job site. Workers wear protective gear like insulated gloves, hats, and socks. We use salt or put down non-slip surfaces to minimize slick spots – and we’re careful to clear ice from ladders and scaffolding.

In the summer, heat is the biggest issue facing construction workers. It’s important to wear protective gear that is well-ventilated so you don’t overheat. It’s also vital to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks out of the sun – and of course, to wear sunscreen!

Bad weather rarely puts a stop to a commercial construction project – and with the right preparations, it might not even have to slow things down.

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