Building for your patients: medical office construction tips

medical office construction - Leon Williams Construction - East TennesseeWalk into a medical office these days and you may be surprised. The days of hard-backed chairs and flickering fluorescent lights have been replaced with warm, inviting colors and natural sunlight. Building a design around the needs of your patients is important in healthcare. If you are considering renovation, retrofits or building a new medical office, the team at Leon Williams Contractors can assist you with your requirements.

Although there may be financial or space limitations in place, the design/build, pre-construction consultation and value-engineering services offered by Leon Williams Contractors can work within your requirements for construction of your medical facility in Blount County, Maryville, Knoxville, Lenoir City and elsewhere in East Tennessee.

Utilize these medical office construction tips to maximize your budget and available space:

Understand the needs of your patients

Depending on which aspect of the medical field you work in, planning for the needs of your patients should be your first consideration. The layout of a dental office will be different than the layout for an office that services less ambulatory visitors. The American Society for Healthcare Engineering is studying changes to widths in some medical settings, which may necessitate changes in certain environments. Understanding the needs of your patients prior to beginning any work will help you stay within budget to meet your individual requirements.

Make your visitors comfortable

In most situations, visitors to a medical office have a sense of anxiety. If they are ill, having tests run or undergoing a dental procedure, a soothing medical space will allow them to be more at ease. Bright waiting areas can make patients nervous; instead, create a warm and open space with comfortable seating that offers a sense of reassurance. Adding artwork and ensuring a quiet setting are becoming more commonplace in medical settings.

Think about traffic flow

Traffic flow in your medical setting should be designed around the idea of serving your visitors and patients in the most efficient way possible. Wide hallways, easy to follow designations for rooms and smooth traffic flow will help the medical staff accomplish rounds easier.

Build for growth

While space restrictions may inhibit your ability to build for growth, being forward-thinking about your future will offer significant benefits. Extra exam rooms can seem like an unnecessary expense now, but if your practice continues to grow, you will be able to save on future expansions or moves.

Leon Williams Contractors have been designing and building for the medical and commercial needs of Knoxville and East Tennessee since 1964. If we can assist you with design/build or value-engineering services for your medical office location, contact the team at Leon Williams Contractors today to learn how our knowledge and expertise can be used to your advantage.

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