Cold Doesn’t Halt Commercial Construction

As a new year begins and winter peaks, navigating the cold weather impacts to your commercial construction sites can seem daunting. At Leon Williams Contractors, we understand the importance of staying on track to meet your project’s deadlines and budget restrictions. Commercial construction in East Tennessee can see a wide range of often unexpected weather, but with the proper procedures set in place, your projects don’t have to be put on hold.

To ensure winter doesn’t slow construction progress, we educate all employees on the proper safety precautions to take in extreme conditions. During cold weather with snow and ice, employees must be prepared to adjust their workplace attire and procedures to accommodate conditions. We conduct regular safety training meetings to discuss appropriate winter gear for workers such as insulated gloves, hats, and socks, as well as best practices for worksite safety.

If employees are educated and well-trained, they will be able to adjust for cold and icy worksite conditions. Before beginning a job for the day, we place salt on all walkways, especially those with frequent foot traffic, and use non-slip surfaces to minimize accidents. Ice is also removed from all ladders before they are in use. When preparing the worksite for colder weather, we sometimes need to invest in specific supplies, such as heat lamps and blankets, to keep your project on track. Many times chemical additives are used to help deter the effects of cold weather on concrete and masonry.

We use our best judgment to determine if working during harsh conditions is worthwhile for your project. When weighing the costs of placing your project on hold versus working through cold weather, we often find it is best to take simple precautions to endure the winter.

The cold weather doesn’t have to halt your commercial construction projects. With the right preparations and precautions, we can create a safe work environment for employees and stay on track for project completion.

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