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Commercial Construction: Bank Design Trends

Like many other industries, banking is still trying to figure out how best to integrate technology into its operations.  That carries over into design and construction of bank branches – and if you haven’t already, you’ll probably start noticing changes at new branches of your own bank in the coming years.

In the commercial construction industry, it’s important to stay informed of trends in design, building, and technology. Here in East Tennessee, things might not seem as high-tech as they are in other parts of the country, but we’re catching up quickly, as the whole world starts becoming more mobile, so it’s interesting to see how that impacts a traditional industry like banking.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we work with a lot of area banks, building new branches and remodeling existing ones. We’ve noticed some interesting trends starting to emerge in bank design and we’re eager to see how these are eventually integrated in banks around Knoxville.

For one thing, because fewer people are carrying cash, instead relying on credit and debit cards, their mobile devices, and wireless transactions to do the bulk of their banking, many banks are seeing less need for as many tellers as they might have had previously. That means that the bank branch of the future will likely be smaller than existing branches.

You’ll probably start to see more kiosks and touch-screen technology integrated into bank branches going forward as well. Banks are looking to make it easier on customers to make simple transactions without having to wait in long lines. For convenience, many banks are also installing kiosks and mini-branches in stores, in downtown areas, at train and bus stations, and even “banks-on-wheels,” so customers don’t have to take excess time out of their busy days to visit the bank.

Some banks are even starting to create comfortable spaces for customers to work and talk to their bankers. In some places, branches include “Internet cafes” with comfortable furniture, wi-fi access, touchscreen kiosks and video tutorials, and the ability to teleconference with bank staff.

In a few years, will banking look anything like it does today? That remains to be seen – but general contractors like Leon Williams Contractors will continue to watch the trends and adapt our construction to the changes.

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