Construction business
Construction business
Commercial Contractors’ Safety Checklist

A commercial construction site can be a safe place to work, but it requires a bit of forethought and planning.

At Leon Williams Contractors, a general contractor serving all of East Tennessee, we strive to always keep work sites as safe as possible for everyone involved in a project, from the developers and architects, to our own project managers and crews, to the subcontractors with whom we work.

Construction workers carry a tool kit to help them build, but there’s another tool kit we all need: a safety tool kit. Here’s a look at a few of the things we have on our safety checklist at all times.

  • Fencing: We never want a passerby to wander onto one of the dangerous areas of a construction site, so putting up fences around the area is crucial for warning members of the public that it’s dangerous.
  • Construction signs: Another way to warn the public, and crew members, of the hazards of being in a construction area, signs are vital to keeping people safe.
  • Hard hats: Most construction sites have signs designating at what point hard hats must be worn. Setting this policy in place allows us to ensure that anyone in a particular area is properly protected.
  • Gloves, boots, and other protective wear: Like hard hats, thick gloves and steel toed boots protect delicate areas of the body. Likewise, protective clothing like jeans and long-sleeved shirts can keep skin from getting burned or cut.
  • First aid kit: Even with safety precautions in place, chances are someone will get hurt at some point. For minor injuries, keep a first aid kit in easy reach of the construction site so they can be treated easily.

It’s important for a project manager to make sure these policies are in place and that all items are in use. It might seem like common sense, but taking a little extra time to take such safety measures will help avoid a disaster on the work site.

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