Construction business
Construction business
How Commercial Contractors Stay Organized on the Job

Being organized on a commercial construction site is vital to making jobs go more smoothly and efficiently. It also cuts down on safety and security issues, and makes things go a lot faster.

At Leon Williams Contractors, an East Tennessee general contractor, we’ve learned that organization on the job is an important part of our work.

It starts with figuring out which tools are best for each job, and for each worker. An area reserved for heavy equipment and machinery doesn’t need to be cluttered with handheld tools, and the areas where those tools are being used probably isn’t anywhere near where the big equipment needs to be.

The tools we use most need to be within the easiest reach – at the top of our toolbox or storage drawer. It’s also helpful to group types of tools together by type, size, or the jobs they’re most commonly used to do.

Staying organized away from the job site is also critical. At the office, we have storage drawers and boxes for all of our tools, as well as containers for small items like nails and screws. And it’s also important to go through tools and equipment from time to time. Some tools get damaged or worn over years of use. We might find that we don’t use certain tools as much as others. Regular reassessment helps construction workers repair or get rid of old tools, so that storage areas never get too cluttered.

Organization is always a work in progress – but we have found that when we make the effort to be organized on and off the work site, it makes each construction job go much more smoothly.

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