Commercial Contractors: Your Online Reputation Can Affect Your Bottom Line

What is reputation management and why is it a hot topic for businesses? Think BP and the remarks its CEO posted to online platforms and the disturbing comments made during interviews after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. BP suffered from financial setbacks and international ridicule due in part to its poor attempts (and its epic failure) at reputation management.

As a commercial contractor and developer, your reputation is often what gets you noticed – and can make a big difference – when bidding on jobs, and even when searching for reputable subcontractors.  Even if you don’t think about it much, your reputation helps determine what projects you are considered for and even affects your negotiating power as a business.

The bottom line? Your reputation is priceless. It is crucial to your business and worth protecting.

Following the practices below will help you stay on top of your company’s reputation:

1-      Google your business every week, and have a designated person in charge of this task

2-      If you find negative comments about you or your business, action is a must. Mitigating negative comments can take months or years of focused reputation rebuilding, but if you do nothing those comments will live on

3-      If you do not have the staff to monitor and supervise your reputation, hire a firm that specializes in public relations and reputation management

4-      Participate in your community and find a way to “give back” through charitable contributions, sponsorships or helping a local group or organization your business connects with. As you become more involved, word-of-mouth referrals will help you gain more business and publicizing your participation will also improve your company’s online status

Leon Williams Contractors has spent many years building its reputation in the East Tennessee area as a qualified and reputable commercial contractor. We welcome your comments and feedback about our blog topics.

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