Commercial Doors: What’s the Most Energy Efficient Option?

Energy efficiency is an increasing interest in the world of commercial construction. More businesses are interested in not only minimizing their environmental footprint, but in saving money on energy costs like heating and cooling.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we work with a variety of clients on general contracting in East Tennessee. We’ve found that more architects and developers are interested in adding eco-friendly elements to their commercial buildings as the trend grows and becomes easier to incorporate.

These days, going green is an intuitive process that flows through a whole building, from the choice of building materials down to the placement of windows and doors. In fact, the right windows and doors, placed in the right position inside a building, can cut energy costs by huge amounts.

Large, well-insulated windows can let in lots of natural light, and help keep a building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But doors are equally important. So the question is – what’s the most energy-efficient option for a commercial door?

Well, it turns out that a revolving door may be your best choice. An MIT study back in 2006 found that if everyone used a revolving door installed in a building, it would save about 1.5 percent of the energy required to heat and cool the building. It would also prevent the emission of about 14.6 tons of carbon dioxide.

It works because revolving doors minimize air flow in and out of a building. Ongoing foot traffic in and out of a building by way of a traditional door can cause 30,000 cubic feet of air to leak every minute – but a revolving door cuts down on the amount by keeping the level of air flow in and out more even.

The biggest trick is to get people to use a revolving door. If you give them a choice between that and a traditional door, many will choose the traditional option. If you’re serious about cutting back on energy costs, then, it might be worth it to consider only using a revolving door in your commercial  building.

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