Easy Tips Contractors Can Use to Add More “Green” To Your Job Site

What constitutes a “green” building site? It depends on your community standards, your local business definition and even the local or state building codes. Actually lots of people have an opinion about what makes a work site green. But it doesn’t mean you have to strive to achieve green construction credits in everything you do. You can go a little greener on your job site, or at your business with very little effort.

At Leon Williams Contractors we believe that even very small things like reducing dependence on paper and printing fewer copies of documents in the office (or printing in draft mode and using the 2-sided option) helps. Another small thing you can do is install a water cooler at the job site and encourage employees to fill up a thermos instead of throwing out hundreds of small bottles of water that end up in landfills or buried under building sites.

Here are some green tips any construction business can adopt:

  1. Reduce construction site waste by asking suppliers to deliver materials on returnable pallets, and store materials under proper cover to reduce material waste.
  2. Work with suppliers that will buy back materials not used (and again storing materials where they will not degrade is imperative for this idea to work).
  3. Designate site “areas” for various “waste” products you can re-use. (For instance create an area just for concrete— chips and waste, broken blocks, etc. to be re-used in backfill—and keep these areas from becoming dump sites for other refuse!)
  4. Find out what the locals do with recyclable materials, and find operators who will give you cash for your unusable materials, or donate to salvage yards.
  5. Don’t toss out things you can re-use later. For instance joint compound buckets are great to use for carry-alls and tool containers after you have cleaned them our properly.

Construction and demolition waste are the largest sources of trash in the United States. The Construction Materials Recycling Association says 325 million tons of recoverable construction debris are generated in the United States each year. It’s great to be recognized as a green builder, but if you don’t have the resources, you can start small with a few steps at first – and you’ll still be helping.

Leon Williams Contractors has spent many years building its reputation in the East Tennessee area as a qualified and reputable commercial contractor. We welcome your comments and feedback about our blog topics.

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