Eight ways we use tech to keep your design-build project on time, under budget

Construction management software adds vast efficiencies

Modern construction sites are home to ever-evolving technology to keep projects on time and under budget.


There are drones, heads-up displays and smartphones that can be used to record progress or problems. At LWC, we use various types of technology to make sure our design-build projects proceed smoothly for you, be it a church, restaurant or retail project.

One of the most effective pieces of technology used at Leon Williams Contractors to ensure your design-build project proceeds with ease is construction management software. Such software can help owners, project managers and superintendents track and monitor construction progress on any site.

Here are ways we put the software to use for you to ensure your East Tennessee design-build project is well managed and delivered on time:

  1. Superintendents can save time with automated reporting features. This replaces old-fashioned paperwork, and means our clients and customers save money.
  2. Photos and videos can be directly uploaded to a project report, detailing any safety issues, weather delays or inventory issues.
  3. Site workers can be warned in real-time about approaching hazardous weather that may delay the project or pose a safety threat.
  4. Subcontractor activity and obligations can be tracked via a daily reporting feature.
  5. Safety protocols can be closely tracked to ensure adherence.
  6. Superintendents, owners and contractors can view job site progress remotely.
  7. Daily reports can be professionally collated and shared with all necessary parties.
  8. Requests for information and submittals can be tracked and send out automatic reminders to prevent missing answers and falling behind schedule.

Construction field management software is just one way we deliver the most economical, effective and flawless design-build projects in East Tennessee and beyond. Contact Leon Williams Contractors today for all your design-build needs.

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