Construction business
Construction business
Equipment Maintenance: Vital to the Commercial Construction Industry

In the commercial construction business, workers are using heavy equipment and handheld power tools every day. These items are expensive, so it’s important to keep them in good working order or you may find yourself with pricey repairs or replacements on your hands.

At Leon Williams Contractors, a general contractor servicing all of East Tennessee, we’ve learned a few things about equipment maintenance and keeping all the tools and machines we use on the job in good shape. It’s not only vital to getting the job done – proper maintenance is also crucial to preventing any major problems on the job site and keeping our insurance intact!

Some of the steps we take to maintain our tools and equipment include:

  • Cleaning them immediately after we are done using them. This might mean we need to take some extra time at the end of each day to get tools clean – but it’s worth it to prevent dirt from caking them or rust from forming.
  • Protecting electrical cords from being crushed. The last thing we would want is to start an electrical fire on a job site, so it’s important to protect delicate cords from heavy machinery.
  • Inspect and make needed repairs: Better to find and fix a problem before it becomes a bigger one. Regular inspection helps us keep an eye on the condition of our tools and machinery, and makes it easier to make minor repairs rather than having to make bigger ones down the road.

It’s worthwhile to take these extra steps on a construction site. Anything we can do to keep the safety of a job site within our control is a good thing, and proper maintenance of tools and equipment is a key part of that.


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