Construction business
Construction business
Essential Safety Tools for Commercial Contractors

If precautions aren’t taken, commercial construction can be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. In fact, it’s dangerous enough that OSHA cited construction for making up 15 percent of all fatal work injuries in 2012.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we take safety very seriously on our job sites around Maryville and Knoxville. With the right tools and equipment, a lot of dangerous or even deadly accidents can be prevented. Here are some of the essential safety tools on any commercial construction work site:

  • Eye protection: Workers need to wear goggles suitable for whatever job they are doing. Basic safety goggles or glasses should work fine for most applications, but for certain jobs, workers may need to wear chemical splash goggles, welding goggles, or other forms of eye protection.
  • Head and respiratory protection: Along with the eyes, you need to protect the rest of your face and your brain from falling equipment. Hard hats are a necessity on any construction site. Some workers may need to wear a face shield visor or welding mask. Workers also need to be protected from dust and other particles with dust masks.
  • Ear protection: Loud construction equipment can damage workers’ hearing if it’s not protected. We provide them with ear plugs or earmuffs. You can even get ones with radio capability so everyone can still communicate while wearing the ear protection.
  • Hand, foot, and body protection: Protect fingers and toes with gloves and hard-toe boots or safety shoes. We also provide knee pads, safety vests, and even special suits when needed to protect the skin and joints from damage.
  • Fall protection: Workers should wear safety harnesses and belts when working up high, to protect themselves from a high fall.
  • Site protection: We keep gas, oxygen, and fire detectors on the work site so that workers are alerted to any issues on the site. It’s also important to have fire extinguishers and ventilation equipment handy in the event of an emergency. And signs, safety tape, and protective barriers warn workers when they are about to enter a hazardous area.

It’s also vital that we have a safety plan going into every construction job. That way, in case the worst does happen and someone gets hurt, everyone knows exactly what to do to minimize damage and injury.

Commercial construction in East Tennessee isn’t the safest job, but by taking precautions we’re able to prevent a lot of bad accidents, which is always worth the effort.


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