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Construction business
Be a Good Neighbor When Working with Other Contractors

When you hire a general contractor like Leon Williams Contractors for your commercial construction project, you’re getting a great team of professionals in design and building. And in our projects around East Tennessee, we sometimes use subcontractors for building materials and supplies, electrical and plumbing work, and much more.

As in any other working relationship, when a group of commercial construction professionals get together, tensions can get high at times. Still, it’s important to always make the effort to be a good neighbor and get along so everyone can get their jobs done. It helps things run that much more smoothly, and makes it much easier for us to finish your project on time and under budget.

We believe it’s important to treat subcontractors as members of the team. That way, they feel more invested in the project and will work much more efficiently than if they feel undervalued. When general contractors take a teamwork approach with subcontractors, they will be much more likely to communicate effectively and ensure that everyone is on the same page as far as the project goes.

Teamwork among contractors on a construction project is also important to the project developer and the property owner. Ultimately, each job is about their needs, not those of the general contractor or subcontractors, so it’s important that any differences are set aside so everyone can work toward the common goal. Ending a project on time, under budget, and with minimal disruption pleases the developer and owner, and makes it more likely that the same team will get hired for future jobs. We work hard to maintain good relationships with everyone involved in a project, from the developer hiring us on down to the subcontractors who provide us with supplies. We know that if things don’t go well, we won’t get work.

Good judgment is crucial when working with other contractors as well. There are times when disputes arise, or when one person or company doesn’t meet an agreement or expectation. In those instances, it’s sometimes best to cut ties with a contractor whose work is not up to expectations.

Still, for the most part, good teamwork among contractors is beneficial to all parties involved. We at Leon Williams Contractors certainly do our best to develop good relationships with any and all subcontractors with whom we have a relationship, and we have found that it has made our big projects that much better.

If you’re looking for a reliable contractor for your next commercial construction project, please contact us today.

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