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High-Performance Technology Can Make Your Commercial Building More Energy Efficient

Interest in an energy-efficient commercial building continues to grow nationwide. Property owners want to cut back on their energy consumption, but also keep employees and customers comfortable inside.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we’re always keeping an eye on industry trends that could impact commercial construction in Knoxville. One trend impacts everyone: The Department of Energy says that buildings account for 40 percent of energy consumption nationwide, and that building owners spend $40 billion each year on energy. It stands to reason, then, that building developers and property owners are interested in cutting those costs.

A recent study by McGraw Hill Construction and Siemens Building Technologies found that there are plenty of high-performance building system technologies already on the market. The survey looked at 10 different types of energy-efficient technologies, and found that between 63 and 71 percent of commercial engineers and contractors had a working knowledge of them – or had installed six out of the 10.

Even though there’s a wide working knowledge of these systems, thought, the study found that many builders and developers weren’t using them. The study found that cost, along with the building owner’s own interest, played a role in why they’re not installed very often. In many cases, companies don’t have the staff available to operate such systems to the best of their ability.

However, such high-performance technologies as energy recovery, demand-control ventilation, geothermal, and automated facades can save a building owner 11-13 percent on energy costs, so it’s worth it for developers, property owners, and general contractors alike to learn more about them.

If you’re developing a commercial construction project, contact Leon Williams Contractors today to find out about our comprehensive design-build services.


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