Hiring a Design-Build Firm Can Save You Money

Design-build firms do roughly half of all commercial construction projects today. While word is still getting out about this technique, more developers are starting to realize that hiring a design-build general contractor can save a lot of money—and a lot of hassle—in the long run.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we try to simplify the building process by offering services from the initial planning phases through to the end of construction on jobs around Knoxville, Maryville, and the rest of East Tennessee. We take care of the architectural design, engineering, and building of your project, which streamlines the whole process.

But if you’re still wondering how hiring a design-build contractor can save you money, consider this: Things could get pretty messy on a commercial construction project if you have separate architects, builders, consultants, suppliers, and subcontractors. These separate firms might not communicate effectively, and things could go very wrong. For instance, your architect might design the building, but without proper collaboration with the builders, there might not be a space left for the doors when the foundation is laid, if they weren’t clearly marked on the blueprints. That would cost you time—and we all know time is money—while the architect redid the designs to make the door openings more clear, plus extra time and money for someone to fix the concrete to work with the design.

On the other hand, if you hire a design-build firm, such as Leon Williams Contractors, everyone is on the same team, so they all know exactly what’s going on in the project from beginning to end. Everyone involved will be made aware of every element of the design, budget, and timeline.

That makes it easier to stick to a budget and timeline. When everyone is working together, each firm isn’t trying to get the lion’s share of the budget; rather, your design-build contractor will try to save you money by looking for the best-value building materials. It’s also easier to meet a building deadline, because everyone involved is helping each other to get the project done. And when you’re building a retail store or restaurant, the closer you can get to opening on time, the better it is for business.

It also minimizes accountability in the event of any problems. Issues can be caught and resolved more quickly and easily, and that again keeps the budget and timeline on track.

We think you’ll find that hiring a design-build firm is the best possible option for your commercial construction project. If you’re interested in talking to Leon Williams Contractors about commercial design-build projects around the East Tennessee area, contact us today.

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