How Important Are Your Subcontractors?

Any GC knows good relationships with subcontractors is a must if you want your business to be successful.  Since 80% of our project scope is subcontracted out, Leon Williams Contractors, LLC knows that having good subs make our company.  They are a direct reflection on our company especially since the public and client doesn’t differentiate the subs from LWC.  Ultimately we are responsible for the work the subcontractors provide.  At LWC we strive to maintain a professional relationship with our subs.  Here are a few ways we feel we go above and beyond in this area.

1.  We do not bid shop.

  • We believe you treat others as you want to be treated.  We maintain a line of open communication will all subcontractors bidding on a job.  Once the contract has been awarded, we provide feedback letting the subs know where their numbers fell with their competitors.  In turn we welcome feedback as well.

2.  Partnerships not dictatorships.

  • Subcontractors are viewed as partners at LWC.  We do not dictate but simply partner with each other to reach a common goal.  Fairness relating to labor, payment terms, negotiating contracts among others goes along way in this business.

3.  Flexibility.

  • Everyone in the construction business knows that flexibility is key, especially during the recent recession years.  Many GC’s burned bridges with their subs over the past 10 years.  The recession was hard on all of us.  Some survived and some didn’t.  Unfortunately, many great subcontractors couldn’t weather the storm.  As a company we were forced out of our comfort zone and to open our eyes to new client opportunities to survive.  We formed new relationships with clients and subcontractors.  Below you will find two ways LWC used flexibility to serve our subcontractors.
  1. A recession causes hard times especially on small businesses.  It’s hard to manage the day to day without cash flow.  For our subcontractors in good standing, LWC was able to help bridge that gap by providing weekly payments for work completed.  This gave them a steady cash flow for payroll and materials and grew a relationship based on trust, honesty, and fairness.
  2. Some projects call for all hands on deck to make a completion date.  Unfortunately, circumstances arise that get you off track such as weather, equipment delay, materials delay etc.  We have partnered with subs, under contract, to enlist additional workers to supplement their crews, as a deadline approaches, and completion is critical.  Of course all parties involved come to a mutual agreement and understanding.  It’s important to LWC that this is not meant to be demeaning but rather a helping hand to reach a common goal.

Simplifying the building process is our goal for all our clients but it also extends into our relationships with our subcontractors.  As mentioned at the beginning of this post, maintaining GC/Sub relationships in good standing is vital to the success of LWC.  At the end of the day, we all have one goal, provide the client with a finished product that meets their needs, exceeds their expectations, and forms a lasting relationship.

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