Construction business
Construction business
Improving Success Rate of Projects

Taking on a new commercial construction project can be a daunting task as there are numerous variables to consider in order for everything to perform smoothly. In order for these new ideas to become realities, there are both barriers that need to be broken and enablers that should be embraced.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we understand how difficult it can be to undertake a design-build project in areas such as Maryville but with the right approach, the process can not only be streamlined but enjoyed as well. Our deep commitment to quality, high ethical standards, and our clients means we have an experienced grasp on the attributes of project success.

During the Construction Industry Institute’s July conference, the organization identified and outlined 10 attributes that have the highest correlation to project success that should always be considered throughout the building process. These categories are: planning, organizing, leading, controlling, design efficiency, human resources, quality, sustainability, supply chain, and safety. Recognizing these attributes is key in overcoming some of the most derailing barriers general contractors face.

According to the same study that identified the 10 attributes, certain obstacles were highlighted as having the most impact on near project misses. In order to improve the success rate of your next construction undertaking, make sure the team you pick can concur such barriers as “fear of retaliation”, “fear of poor performance reporting”, and lack or training. This can be accomplished by enabling communication, leadership and motivation, guidance and resources, near-miss reporting training, and a reward strategy.

Another way to increase construction success rates is to lessen the amount of late deliverables. By outlining which deliverable such as approvals, equipment, permits or bulk materials would have the greatest impact on productivity should they be late, you can prioritize how your project is conducted. This also heightens overall communication and streamlines the process.

Improving success rates for commercial construction projects shouldn’t be stress inducing. By working with experienced professionals such as Leon Williams Contractors, you can rest assured that each attribute, barrier, enabler and deliverable will be considered with proper analyst in order to see success.

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