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Latest Trends in Retail Construction Design

To stay relevant in this fast-moving, technologically-savvy world, more retailers are having to rethink their store designs and functions.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we appreciate watching trends for commercial construction in East Tennessee and elsewhere. It’s especially interesting to see how commercial developers are integrating technology into their spaces, especially in brick-and-mortar retail stores.

We found this Vend article about retail trends in 2014 and beyond interesting. Here are some of the things experts see happening in retail construction design in the coming months and years.

  1. More omnichannel retailing: Today, shoppers can buy in a store, or online. Many retailers are bringing both together, by allowing shoppers to browse inside the store and purchase online. People can have products shipped to their house, pick it up in the store, or order online and make returns to the store.
  2. Mobile wallets: More shoppers are using their smart phones to pay via PayPal, Google Wallet, Square Wallet, and other apps. Retailers and restaurants are rising to the challenge by allowing consumers to pay with just a few taps and an email address.
  3. Personalized service: New Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology allows shoppers to receive offers and notifications tailored to their shopping preferences, based on where they are in a store or mall.
  4. Interactive stores: Following the lead of Apple, many stores are equipping sales associates with iPads or iPhones so they can roam the store, help customers, and process payments without making shoppers wait in line. Some stores allow consumers to do a virtual try-on of clothing, cosmetics, or other products.
  5. More mobile retailers: You’re probably aware of food trucks, but more businesses are going mobile – everything from clothing stores, to flower shops, to hair salons. Pop-up stores are also showing up inside larger retailers.

Those are just a few of the big retail design trends that experts predict going forward. Ultimately, retailers are learning that today’s consumers expect an immersive shopping experience. They also expect to be allowed to make their own choices away from pushy salespeople – consumers control the future of retail, and it’s up to retail developers to follow suit.

If you’re a commercial developer in need of a general contractor or design-build services, contact Leon Williams Contractors today.


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