Leon Williams Contractors works with Simple Bites Gourmet

Simple Bites Gourmet, a healthy meal delivery service, has teamed up with Leon Williams Contractors to find and develop its first retail location.

“I started cooking for one family and really fell in love with the process,” said Erica T. Hopper, owner and head chef at Simple Bites Gourmet. “I began delivering food in Knoxville a little over a year ago and word spread. I just kept getting more and more business and finally decided it was time to get out of my home kitchen and find a commercial space.” Leon Williams Contractors Simple Bites Gourmet

Finding the right space wasn’t an easy task for the chef turned business owner. “I knew what I needed, but I didn’t know all the ins and outs of codes and permitting details,” said Hopper. “I had been searching for more than a year before a friend referred me to Leon Williams. It was nice to have someone come in who was knowledgeable about the whole process. They dedicated a lot of time to helping me find the right space. They even wrote a really detailed bid on another space I was looking at and how it wasn’t the right fit for me.”

The new Simple Bites Gourmet will be located on Sutherland Avenue in the Cherokee Mills building.

“I was happy to help Erica with the selection process,” said Jimmy Hawkins, president of Leon Williams Contractors. “Finding your first location for a business is a big deal, especially when you’re in the food service industry. There’s a lot that goes into selecting a space that not only works from a financial standpoint, but also from a usefulness standpoint. Is the current space setup for an exhaust hood? Are there provisions for grease? Are the wall and floor surfaces ready for cooking? Are there special fire separations required? How much structural work will need to be done? These are just a few of the questions that needed to be answered in order to find the right location for Erica.”

Construction on the space began on Monday, May 9, with completion scheduled for early July. A grand opening will be held on July 15, 2016.

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