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Construction business
Maintaining Security on a Commercial Construction Worksite

Keeping a commercial construction site safe is an important, but doable task – and yet, thousands of injuries happen on construction sites every year, often at worksites for well-known general contractors.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we take safety very seriously on our construction sites around East Tennessee. We have found through trial and error that there are a few keys to maintaining security on a construction worksite.

  • Don’t assume. Even crew members who have extensive training on certain equipment aren’t immune to accidents involving that equipment. A moment’s lapse in judgment or not following all the safety procedures for lifting items, getting up or down from equipment, or anything else, can lead to a misstep that in turn causes an injury. Even if someone thinks they know all there is to know about a particular piece of machinery, we never assume, and always ensure that they follow all safety requirements in using it.
  • Keep up to date on regulations. OSHA regularly updates safety procedures for working with equipment, hazardous materials, and anything else you’d find on a construction site. We make it a priority to keep up with any changes and any required training, certification, and labeling that goes along with it.
  • Use the right tools. It’s important to use the correct tool for each job – but it’s just as important to use tools that won’t put unnecessary strain on any part of the body. From using ergonomic handheld tools, to ensuring we’re on stable surfaces whether we’re working high or low – secure ladders up high, comfortable stools instead of kneeling or squatting for lower jobs – we stay as safe and comfortable as possible.
  • Have good oversight. It’s always good to have extra pairs of eyes keeping an eye on safety on the work site. We watch carefully to make sure only people who need to be involved with certain equipment are around it and that the rest of the area is clear. We’ll keep an eye out for anything moving overhead and make sure no one is right under it.

Some of these keys to safety might seem like common sense, but it’s easy to get complacent about safety if we’re not constantly keeping a close eye on it. And anything that keeps our crew members safe and happy on the job is a good thing.

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