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Make Your Commercial Building Stand Out with Color

Drive down any street in any town and you’re sure to see another commercial building going up – whether it’s a restaurant, store, or office. These days, to simplify the commercial construction process, many buildings are constructed using a basic layout or floor plan.

At Leon Williams Contractors, though, we have found that many of our clients around East Tennessee still want to find ways to make their commercial buildings stand out. Sometimes your options might be limited – especially if you’re renovating an existing space.

But there are ways to help your building catch the public’s eye and encourage them to come into your business. One of the easiest ways to do that is with color – not just with signage or window displays, but maybe down to painting the outside of your building. Color can help you brand your business, and evoke a certain mood that will catch the attention of customers. You can paint brick, siding, and wood, or pick from a variety of colors in each of these materials, so don’t be afraid to consider this attention-grabbing way to make your building stand out.

But what color do you pick? That probably depends on what you want to convey. You can use colors in your company logo, neutrals that give a clean feel to the building – maybe carrying that theme through the interior as well – or colors that convey a certain feeling. Here are a few to consider:

White makes a building look fresh and clean, but chances are your building won’t be the only white one on the block, so it might not stand out as much as you’d like. It’s also likely to get dirty and dingy over time, which can take away from the clean, crisp aura.

Blues can be very calming, but also thought-provoking. If you’re opening a spa, a light blue might make people think of a relaxed day at the beach. A bookstore might benefit from a deep blue.

Reds, yellows, and oranges are eye-catching, but you’ll want to be careful how you use them. While a pale yellow or orange might be inviting, a bright yellow could actually detract customers. Bright oranges make people feel creative, and reds appeal to basic instincts and needs, like hunger – perfect for a restaurant.

Want to convey an earthy or environmentally friendly appeal? Go for a brown or green, but be selective. If you’re opening a women’s clothing shop, brown probably won’t appeal to women as it’s viewed as more masculine. Green is also associated with wealth, so it’s good for a bank or tax service.

Whatever color you choose, just be sure you consider what it could mean to people seeing it, and that it properly reflects the business inside as well. The right color on the outside of your building could have a huge impact on the business taking place inside!

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