Maryville Construction Update: 321 Plaza

Maryville Construction - HWY 321 Plaza Addition - Built by Leon Williams Contractors

The Leon Williams Contractors team recently completed work on a new office space location at 321 Plaza in Maryville, Tennessee.

The Location:

Located at 1776 W. Lamar Alexander Parkway in Maryville, Leon Williams Contractors worked with Andes Group Tennessee to create a new office and retail space in Blount County.

The Specifications:

The client request was to seamlessly match the new 2,736 square feet addition with the existing structure, however the property was not rectangular and multiple city ordinances required a unique approach to ensure harmony between the two structures.

The Results:

To meet the city’s requirements, the Leon Williams team stepped the addition back. This approach created architectural character for the building while still allowing for a seamless, single-building look.

Maryville Construction - HWY 321 Plaza - Before Shot - Leon Williams Contractors

HWY 321 Plaza before the Leon Williams addition.

Maryville Construction - HWY 321 Plaza - After - Leon Williams Contractors

HWY 321 Plaza after the Leon Williams addition.

In an interview with The Daily Times, Hal Brown, a representative of Andes Group Tennessee, remarked that “The new building requirements would not allow us to build anything even closely resembling what was already there. It was a challenge to put an addition on an old building and make it look like it was one building, built all together, and I think we achieved that.”

In regards to working with Leon Williams Contractors, Mr. Brown stated “I know this is probably a small project for them, just a blip on the map of what they can do, but even so they put your concerns and your project at the forefront. They made me feel like this was the only project they had and that all their assets were just direct toward my project. You would have thought I was building a mall, or the Taj Mahal.”

Leon Williams, LLC has worked with clients on a wide range of retail and commercial construction projects, including banks, medical facilities, commercial offices, residential projects, restaurants, and retail locations. To learn more about the advantages that Leon Williams Contractors, LLC can offer your retail or commercial construction project, please contact us today. We can assist you to drive greater value for your retail and commercial construction needs.

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