Maryville Dog Park at Pistol Creek

Recently the team at Leon Williams Contractors team was a part of the team that created the new Maryville Dog Park at Pistol Creek.

The Location:

Located in Maryville, Leon Williams worked as a part of a joint effort between the city of Maryville, the Maryville-Alcoa-Blount County Parks and Recreation Commission and community leadership in Blount County.

The Specifications:

The Maryville Dog Park at Pistol Creek is located adjacent to the McCammon Avenue and McGhee Street greenbelt entrance in Maryville. Open from dawn to dusk, the area includes one acre for large dogs and a separate half-acre for smaller dogs.

The spaces in the Maryville Dog Park are fenced and feature entry corrals that are double-gated, which allows dogs to be taken off leashes before entering the park. Also included within the space are a pavilion, benches, animal waste stations and water fountains exclusively for dogs.

The Results:

In an interview with the Daily Times, Jordan Blankenship, supervisor and project and construction manager at Leon Williams Contractors, said the project took about two-and-a-half months and the biggest challenge was the weather. The park was made possible by a grant from Radio Systems Corporation and was offered through the Legacy Parks Foundation.

“We enjoyed working with the city and with PetSafe,” said Jimmy Hawkins, president of Leon Williams Contractors. “We’re excited any time we’re able to help the community and provide a beautiful space for our city. The park certainly couldn’t have opened at a better time.”

For more information about the Maryville Dog Park at Pistol Creek, including rules of use, visit or call 865-983-9244.

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