Project Profile: Westbrook Center

Westbrook Center, a 13,000 square foot retail center located at 2016 W. Broadway Avenue in Maryville, was a design-build development completed by Leon Williams ContractorsWestbrook 115 Westbrook 086 Westbrook 085 Westbrook 079 Westbrook 043

There was extensive preparation prior to the build, due to the plot not being conducive for development because of the grade. We worked extensively to grade the lot and poured a concrete retaining wall behind the structure, in addition to stepping the building grade at each tenant separation in order to create a cost effective and attractive retail center.

IMG_5807_HDR IMG_5813_HDR IMG_5822_HDR

The completed Westbrook Center features, what are called, “vanilla boxes,” which allow tenants to completely customize the interior. However, we completed The Bed Store finishes, which is located at the center of the location.

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