Why Restaurant Construction is Booming

Have you noticed new restaurants popping up all over the place recently? Do a quick Google search and you’ll find new restaurant construction is a big trend all across the country. Local chains and individual restaurants continue to open around the area as well.

Like other sectors of commercial construction, restaurant development took a big dive with the economic bust in 2007 and 2008, according to market researcher IBISWorld. Restaurant construction didn’t really start picking back up until the end of 2012, though.

These days, whether you live in East Tennessee or elsewhere, it seems that everywhere you turn, there’s a new restaurant going up or the announcement of another new eatery coming to town. Sometimes it’s a locally-owned business, but more often these are national franchises that continue to expand. Even Chicago recently got its first Olive Garden.

So, why the recent boom in restaurant construction? First of all, restaurants are immune to the shift to online shopping like many other commercial and retail sectors. Also, there are changing demographics in both urban and suburban areas. Just as you might see more chains opening in cities where they weren’t before, more fast-casual options and big-brand restaurants are coming into suburban malls and shopping centers.

As for us, we at Leon Williams Contractors are eager to see the boom continue, and to make sure we’re a part of it.

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