Retail Construction Trends

The team at Leon Williams Contractors, LLC, offers complete general contractor services, including a full range of construction services, pre-construction consultation and site assessment, construction management, value engineering, and construction management. One of the key client areas for Leon Williams Contractors, LLC, is our Retail Construction Services, where we have worked to create memorable retail space designs for a variety of clients. As we continue to expand our commercial and retail construction design/build services, we have noticed retail construction trends for the industry that can be used to help deliver outstanding customer experiences for our retail clients. While some of the latest trends in retail and commercial construction may not apply to all businesses, keeping these ideas in mind can differentiate your retail space when it comes to time to build. Retail Construction Trends

Latest Trends

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable:

Utilizing opportunities for environmentally friendly and easily sustainable retail space is becoming increasingly important for not only retail customers, but for the owners of new retail and commercial construction. From the addition of open-air retail spaces, designed to promote less use for air-conditioning for more natural airflow, to the use of high-efficiency lighting to reduce electricity use and the incorporation of other types of sustainable products, being able to create an environmentally friendly retail space can pay dividends for retail customers and the owners themselves.


The old adage of “location, location, location” is still a very important consideration for retail companies, but more often, being able to take advantage of existing locations can offer outstanding results for retail clients. If your retail location space has unique attributes, take advantage of the natural aesthetics available with a design/build process that incorporates these into your retail design. If your retail site location is closer to an urban area or positioned more in the suburbs, finding a way to take the surrounding space and make it more appealing to potential customers can help drive long term retail growth.

Technology is key:

The use of technology in the retail construction process has allowed construction teams and retail construction clients to better visualize the entire process, leading to quicker delivery times for retail construction companies and less time lost to changes during the process. Incorporating 3D scanning technology to offer virtual walkthroughs of retail space, incredibly realistic renderings of retail spaces and even 3D printing of scale physical models of the retail construction space offers levels of realism that could not be achieved with traditional floor plans and elevations. Additionally, for the build out phases of the retail construction process, determining retail client’s needs for actual technology that will be used in the retail location can also help minimize completion delays related to the retail project.

Leon Williams, LLC has worked with East Tennessee clients on a wide range of retail and commercial construction projects, including banks, medical facilities, commercial offices, residential projects, restaurants, and retail locations. To learn more about the advantages that Leon Williams Contractors, LLC can offer your retail or commercial construction project, please contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your next retail building project, general construction requirements, pre-construction consultation/site assessment and value engineering to drive greater value and utilize the latest retail construction trends for your retail and commercial needs.

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