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Construction business
How Your Retail Space Can Attract Customers

If you’re a retail developer, there is a lot that goes into deciding how to lay out your store in a way that will be appealing to customers.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we work with developers on retail and other commercial construction projects all over East Tennessee. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about what makes a retail space attractive to consumers. If you’ve got a project in the works, take these options into consideration:

  • An enticing entrance: First impressions mean a lot, especially when you’re trying to get customers to come into your store. An appealing sign is part of it, especially if you’re a relatively unknown, local company, rather than a new chain store in town. Your window displays count for a lot as well. Whether you sell clothing, sports equipment, or gourmet foods, if you’ve got windows to use for display, make sure they attractively showcase the goods customers will find inside.
  • An organized layout: Make it as easy as possible for customers to find what they’re looking for. Group products by type. Display your best products prominently in the center of the store or on end caps. Create a natural flow around the store – research shows about 90 percent of shoppers unconsciously turn right when they enter a store, so you can create a visual path that leads customers around the shopping space. Make sure sale areas are clearly marked and organized.
  • Use lighting and color smartly: Illumination is your friend. Decide the kind of mood or ambience you want your store to convey, and choose lighting accordingly. You might want to have calming, dimmer lights in some areas and brighter spotlights on other displays. Color plays a big role as well – people are drawn to light, open spaces more than they are to dark, dingy stores.
  • Make the check-out make sense: Once you’ve figured out the flow and design of your store, ensure that the checkout counter is easy to reach and at a point in the shop that makes sense. People will be much more inclined to buy if they don’t think they’ll have trouble getting to the register.

An experienced general contractor like Leon Williams Contractors can help you choose the best layout for your retail space. Contact us to find out how we can help you design an attractive store that’s sure to stay busy!


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