Project Profile: Blount County Eye Center

    Last year we announced that we would begin construction on the new Blount County Eye Center in Maryville, Tennessee. This expansive 9000-square-foot design-build project includes nine exam rooms, seven tech rooms, a two pre-exam rooms, in addition to a drive thru where patients can pick up eyewear.

    BCEC Before

    This build required extensive erosion control. We had to redirect the drainage system, as well as partially fill in a retention pond to create the space needed for the building and parking lot.

    BCEC During

    There is still plenty of work to be done, but it looks like the new Blount County Eye Center will be opening its doors in May 2015.

    BCEC Rednering

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    Blount County Eye Center Expanding, Building New Facility in Maryville

    14069 Blount Co Eye Center - Blue - Front copy

    [Press Release]

    Dr. Lloyd Tantum, optometrist and founder of Blount County Eye Center, has just announced that the office will be building a new facility at 702 South Foothills Drive in Maryville and has selected Leon Williams Contractors for the design-build project. Leon Williams’ experienced design-build team includes architect Studio Four Design. Construction is scheduled to be completed by May 2015. 14069 Blount Co Eye Center - Blue - Drive Thru copy

    “As Blount County Eye Center grows, so does the need to expand and innovate. It’s exciting to need a larger facility that will accommodate our growth,” said Dr. Lloyd Tantum. “With my son, Dr. William Tantum now on board as a business partner and optometrist, the need was there to accommodate our growth. The new facility will enable us to continually improve the quality of eye care for citizens of Blount County with expanded services such as pediatrics and low vision care, as well as expanded hours for convenience.”

    The new location will be a 9,000-square-foot facility, in comparison to the current 2,500-square-foot center. The new Blount County Eye Center will feature nine exam rooms, seven tech rooms, two pre-exam rooms, and a drive-thru window for patients to pick up eyewear, in addition to doubling its current staff. The company is also seeking more optometrists, and recently added in-house ophthalmology partners Dr. Matthew Lowrance and Dr. Thomas Browning.

    The expanded space and staff means better eye care and more job opportunities for the Blount County community.

    For more information about Blount County Eye Center, or to apply for an open position, visit

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