Trends in Ceiling Design

    Long gone are the days of the popcorn ceiling, and everyone from residential home owners to commercial construction professionals are jumping on new design trends. Traditional ceiling design ideas were centered on simplicity (flat, white ceilings), but modern trends are proving that the possibilities are endless.

    Because we offer multifaceted services to our clients, staying on top of design trends is a must. With emphasis placed on furnishings, lighting, and paint colors, ceilings are often overlooked and succumb to budget cuts.

    However, an innovative ceiling design can be a focal point in your building. We’ve highlighted four growing trends in ceiling design that can revamp your commercial space:

    Acoustical ceilings: Increased noise levels are a common complaint among commercial spaces. Hearing the morning gossip all the way from an upstairs office can distract from your daily task list. Ceiling design in commercial buildings greatly impacts acoustics, and more designers are taking advantage of improved methods. To reduce noise level, many ceilings are now created from sound-absorbing panels made of fibrous materials such as wood, cork, or metal. It’s becoming a necessity in ceiling design to ensure all aspects, from material to layout, are maximized for acoustic preferences.

    Floating ceilings: A current trend includes eliminating ceiling tiles completely to expose the industrial workings of the building. Although this is aesthetically appealing, it is not the best choice for acoustics, so designers have worked around this by creating floating ceilings. One manufacturer, Armstrong, calls them “ceiling clouds” or “ceiling canopies”.  These acoustical cloud panels offer the feeling of an open space without sacrificing noise specifications.

    3D ceilings: A dropped ceiling with added tiles can create a 3D element in any room. One way to add this dramatic effect is to incorporate 3D, textured ceiling panels. These panels range in style from simple and classy to modern with striking designs. They add an unexpected and fresh component to your ceiling without breaking the bank.

    Wood ceilings: The natural element of wood can add a rustic feel to a commercial building. From exposed beams to pallet-covered ceilings, incorporating wood into your designs creates an inviting feel in your space. Whether you choose to use polished or reclaimed wood, wooden elements can set the tone for your building.

    At Leon Williams Contractors, we are a full service design-build firm, and will see your project through from start to finish. If you need a contractor who will handle every aspect of the building process with expertise, contact us today.

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