3-D printing trends in the commercial construction industry

    The future of commercial construction is here. You may have heard of 3D printing being used for everything from prosthetics and manufacturing to furniture and accessories. Making a mark across industries, this additive form of manufacturing is changing the way many are doing business.

    The technology is also making waves in the commercial construction industry. Increased demand for 3D printing for commercial purposes is driving the cost of tech down and making it more attractive for companies to purchase and use to enhance projects.

    Creating Models

    One of the most useful applications of 3D printing in the commercial construction industry is to create models. This rapid form of prototyping is a powerful sales tool for general contractors – like Leon Williams Contractors – who want to show customers what the finished project will look like. One firm even went so far as attempting to build the first 3D-printed house!

    Printing Components

    Another exciting potential application is the ability to “print” concrete walls and other concrete building components. Using this method would improve speed, deliver better surface finishes and would even allow for accommodating spaces within walls for wiring, pipes and other needs. To top it off, the benefits of this process include a safer work environment, cost savings and efficiencies.

    Collaborative Process

    Sometimes when projects move from design to construction, certain elements can get lost in translation. This printing process provides collaborative tools for both modeling and assembly. It helps teams visualize complex issues and work through it before there’s a problem on site.

    More than a passing fad, many in the industry are already reaping the ROI of 3D printing technology. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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