Finding the right space for your restaurant is key

    Leon Williams Contractors, a commercial and residential design/build company, has developed many commercial, residential and retail buildings in Blount County, Maryville, Knoxville, Lenoir City and East Tennessee, in addition to building and renovating existing spaces for many of the restaurants throughout our area. If you are thinking of starting your own restaurant or other food and drink-based establishment, the design-build experts at Leon Williams Contractors can help you find the best location for your restaurant construction needs.

    Leon Williams Contractors restaurant construction

    We provide a full range of construction services, pre-construction consultation and site assessment, construction management, value engineering, and construction management. We can also help you obtain an existing structure and remodel it if that approach makes more sense to your budget and design plans. The main considerations in Maryville, Blount County and East Tennessee to consider for your restaurant planning include:

    You can’t beat a good location. Our familiarity with Maryville, Blount County and East Tennessee can be leveraged to help you find a high traffic location with access to utilities and other amenities to help maximize your opportunity in the restaurant space. The team at Leon Williams Contractors is experienced in finding the right place for the right business throughout our area and can leverage our experience on your behalf.


    Our wide ranging capabilities related to existing space renovation will allow our team to adapt nearly any space to accommodate your restaurant plans. If we deem the existing spaces aren’t useable, we will design and build your space to appeal to you and your potential customers to help create the best possible result for your restaurant location.


    Is parking nearby? Is the restaurant easy to get to? Are there attractive sidewalks and scenery? Are other restaurants and businesses nearby that attract strolling and walk-by foot traffic? We’ll find out if the building codes in Maryville, Blount County and Knoxville will allow a restaurant space to be created and to ensure that there is adequate water, sewer, electrical and even internet connectivity to accommodate your restaurant design plans.

    We know that starting a restaurant is tough, but when you work with Leon Williams Contractors, we can offer expert restaurant construction and build out advice, assist with planning your space for success and we will can design, build or renovate your new restaurant in your chosen location to help you attain your business ownership dreams.

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    La Lupita Continues Expansion, Construction Begins on Lenoir City Location

    Leon Williams Contractors begins construction on third location for Hispanic grocery & restaurant


    LENOIR CITY, Tenn. Oct. 30, 2014 — Leon Williams Contractors, a commercial construction company serving East Tennessee, has begun construction on a new La Lupita, an East Tennessee Hispanic restaurant and store, in Lenoir City. The ground-up construction for the new site, located at 510 West Broadway Street, will feature a grocery store, restaurant and Laundromat.

    “This is third store we have opened in the East Tennessee area, and we are excited to have a brand new store for the Lenoir City community,” said Maria Cornejo, co-owner of La Lupita. “We have been working with Leon Williams Contractors for eight years and they have been a part of every La Lupita build and will be in the future, so we are grateful to have them on board again.”

    Currently La Lupita is in a leased space in Lenoir City, but Maria and Manuel were ready to have a permanent location in the area. In addition to the new location, there are also stores in Maryville and Loudon.

    Renowned for its baked goods, La Lupita has become a namesake for authentic Hispanic cuisine in the region. The new retail space will feature 5100 square feet of store and restaurant, in addition to 2100 square feet of a Laundromat that will be adjacent to the food offerings.

    “The new location is a great opportunity for us to showcase our food that are a large part of our heritage, and many others’ in the community,” said Cornejo.

    Leon Williams Contractors broke ground on the third location in Fall 2014, and projects it to be completed by April 2015.

    “Work is underway and we are making progress on getting the new La Lupita up as quickly as possible,” said Jimmy Hawkins, senior partner. “La Lupita means a lot to the communities it serves, so we are excited to help Manuel and Maria expand its reach to the people of Lenoir City.”

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    Project Profile: La Lupita

    We’re currently constructing the third La Lupita location in Lenoir City, Tennessee, where the business is currently using a leased space. We have previously completed two locations for Manuel, the owner of La Lupita, with one in Maryville and the other in Loudon.

    We expect the Lenoir City location to be complete by April 2015. The new location will feature a 5100 square foot  Hispanic grocery store and restaurant space, as well as a  2100 square foot  adjacent Laundromat. Below are pictures of the property prior to breaking ground:

    La Lupita LC 2 La Lupita LC 1

    La Lupita is renowned for its authentic Hispanic cuisine and well-known for its baked goods. The Loudon location was completed in February of 2011 and features a restaurant, grocery store, hair/nail salon and Laundromat and is slightly larger than the Lenoir City location.

    La Lupita Loudon 1 La Lupita Loudon 3 La Lupita Loudon 2

    The Maryville location was the original La Lupita, and it was our first time working with the business.  This location varies from the Loudon and Lenior City locations, because the Maryville store features retail space instead of a Laundromat.  We were able to help the Owners overcome poor soil conditions in that old tanks and trash were found under the expansion site. These are some pictures of the original building:

    La Lupita Maryville 3 La Lupita Existing 008 La Lupita Maryville 1 La Lupita Marvyille 2

    At Leon Williams Contractors, we are excited to be part of La Lupita’s growth, and looking forward to helping Maria and Manuel continue their expansion as they offer authentic Hispanic food to other East Tennessee communities.

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