Wood Can be a Sustainable Solution in Commercial Construction

    When you hear the term “wood construction” you might not automatically associate it with sustainability. But wood actually offers many benefits as an environmentally friendly commercial construction building material.

    Exactly how is using wood good for the environment? Wood building materials help increase energy efficiency throughout the life of a building. When considering greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and other factors, materials like steel and concrete produce more harmful emissions and pollutants than wood. According to the American Forest Foundation, steel and concrete generate up to 300 percent and 225 percent more water pollutants than wood.

    In what others ways does using wood in the design-build process help reduce energy consumption and add to sustainability?

    –       Energy Efficiency – Wood is an excellent insulator and helps slow the conductivity of heat.

    –       Carbon Storage – Wood stores carbon and is a good alternative to materials that use large amounts of fossil fuels to produce.

    –       Long Lifespan – Wood stands the test of time as a sturdy building material and is simple to use and maintain.

    –       Renewable Resource – Wood is the only naturally renewable mainstream building material over the long term.

    Leon Williams Contractors is committed to the efficient use of wood building materials in our commercial construction projects in East Tennessee. Learn more about our process.

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