Testimonial-Church Street United Methodist Church

“Now, that the business portion of this letter is complete, allow me to express the church’s sincere thanks to you, Jimmy Hawkins and all your subcontractors for the most successful completion of our renovation project.  During last evening’s monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees, the chair asked, upon the church’s acceptance of this project, that the minutes reflect the project was delivered ‘on time and under budget’.  Few are the times, during my tenure at teh church, when such a statement could have been made.  Thank you for providing quality service to your clients.  I know that the project pre-planning and continuous supervision of [Leon] and Jimmy led to the final product we now enjoy.  It has been a pleasure to work with you, and I wish you well in all future endeavors.”

“…profound thanks for the way you and your organization go about your work.  We are most pleased with the results, knowing that the proof of the success of our efforts may not be revealed until next winter.  However, you completed the task set before you on time and under budget.  The church has been blessed by its association with your company.”

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