Testimonial – Appalachian Therapy Center

“As our renovation project nears and end, I find that I have been most delinquent in one account:  I have failed to write and tell you what a tremendous job that Robert Ledbetter and indeed every LWGC employee has done.

Robert has, without exception, been honest, straightforward, exceedingly competent, courteous, and hard working.  I can’t imagine having anyone better in this position.

He has almost become a part of our office here and we will all miss him when he is gone.

One trademark (or so it seems) of all LWGC employees is that all of them take the time to smile and speak to you, every single time.  I have not met an employee of yours on the job that has not been exceptionally courteous.

We are going to have an outstanding facility here and I personally want to make sure that you know that we are proud to have been associated this short time with your company.”

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