Testimonial- Steffon Riser

Now that our newly constructed retaining wall and driveway is complete, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to Leon Williams Contractors, LLC for a job well done and to every person at your company who had a hand in this project.  The quality of craftsmanship was outstanding and from my observation during the challenges you had to endure working under a limited footprint, your team effort exceeded industry standards in quality and workmanship. Jimmy Hawkins, Paul Cronin, and all the other people responsible for the great success in rebuilding our beautiful retaining wall and new driveway are to be highly praised for providing us with one of the most satisfying reconstruction jobs that I have ever experienced.

I would also like to give special thanks to Leon Williams and Jimmy Hawkins for their professionalism and thoughtfulness during the entire job. They are an impeccable team and were exceptionally pleasant to work with. They kept me informed throughout the entire project, calling to let us know about potential issues, scope creep, time frames, field changes and costs. When Leon or Jimmy tells you that they will be there, call you back, send you a quote, or make a home visit to look at a product with you — THEY DO! Additionally, I was impressed with your team’s preliminary assessment on the project while taking into consideration various aspects such as: projected timeline, safety issues, construction boundary, material staging, minimizing construction impacts on our adjacent neighbor and other nearby homeowners’ in the subdivision.

Leon Williams and his company managed everything with the highest level that you would expect from someone who has been in business since 1971, yet with the modern vision and youthful energy you only hope to have in a contractor. We are very pleased with your final product, your attention to details, and dedication to incorporating Best Management Practices. We will definitely be a repeat customer and look forward to working with your professional team again in the very near future.


Steffon C. Riser, BSME

Facility Manager, East Campus, Facilities Management Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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