Testimonial – Stock Creek Baptist Church

“Since the time is drawing near for the Stock Creek Baptist Church project to come to completion, I would like to take the time, on a personal note, to say how much I appreciate your company and for the men who have worked on this project.  From the beginning of the job in November until now, I have developed a friendship with these guys and I’m sure going to miss them when they are gone.  When you see someone on a daily basis and communicate and cut up with them, they begin to feel like “family”.  I also appreciate their hard work and dedication to this project and in giving their best until it’s completed.


To Glen Weathersby, Jason Fergason, Dan Bunch, Jerry Glandon, David Geort, Mike Shipwash, Mike Robinson, and Eddie Savage, I say “Thanks guys, and I’m sure going to miss you all!”

And last, but definitely not list, I say a BIG “thank you!!!” to Junior Ford.  This man has amazed me at his talents (there’s nothing he can’t do); his dedication to this project (many, many hours beyond the call of duty); despite all of the conflicts this project has ran in to, he’s kept everything going.  He’s worked extra hard to take care of me to keep my office up and running and in order (the best we could), to keep me cooled off when the air conditioning was off, and always took the time to check on me to see if there was anything he could do to help me out – I guess you could say I’ve been spoiled.  (Of course they’ve all done that to some extent since I’m the only woman on the job!).  I’ve also appreciated his concern for this church and always striving to do what’s in the best interest for us.  I understand he has recently received a promotion – he deserves it, and from what I have seen of him, you will not be disappointed that you chose him for this position.

Again, I saw “thank you” to everyone involved in this project at Leon Williams General Contractor.  To be honest, I am not looking forward to the day when I have to say my “goodbyes” to everyone.  I feel as if I’m losing a part of my family.  Thanks again for all of your hard work.”

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