“I met Leon Williams when one of his crews took over a project for one of my clients who fired the previous contractor for incompetence.  Leon finished the job with great tact and the highest quality of construction and professionalism.  In my 23 years as an architect, I have nor worked with another contractor who has the skills and the sense of humor which Leon has.  He will always have as much of my work as he can handle.”


Martella Associates

“Martella Associates was founded in 1987. We are a full service design firm offering architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and planning services to clients throughout East Tennessee and the Southeast. Over the past eleven years, the firm has grown from a sole proprietorship, primarily involved in residential projects, to a firm with nine professionals. Our firm’s portfolio has steadily increased in size and complexity of projects, and now includes a diverse group of commercial and residential projects.  For each project, our firm is focused on a commitment to the client. This commitment is founded in the determination to discover the unique characteristics of the user, the distinctive qualities of the site, the program and the building type; and to create a product that fulfills the client’s needs and surpasses their expectations, within the established budget. The resulting architecture is unique, progressive and enduring.  In the past eleven years the staff of Martella Associates has created a wide range of projects from residential neighborhoods to church, school, university campuses and municipal projects. We have found that all successful projects begin with a thoughtful and well ordered program or master plan. These documents incorporate the natural potentials of the site, the goals of the building program, and the needs of the users in order to create spaces which reinforce the architectural concepts and functional requirements of the project now and in the future.  Presently, Martella Associates is teaming with Leon Williams General Contractor, on several projects with fast track schedules. The Library at the Haley Farm in Clinton Tennessee is scheduled to be complete in December. This complex project involved disassembling an historic cantilever barn and reassembling it with a steel structure and modern HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems and very precisely detailed interior.  The two firms are also collaborating on several fast track projects for Collier Foods in Sevier County. These include a TGI Friday’s Restaurant in Gatlinburg and The Blackberry Grille Restaurant in Sevierville, as well as several renovations of existing properties. We have also worked together on several complex renovations of large residences.  Kristine Beard, who will serve as Martella Associates’ project manager for this project, has extensive experience managing design and construction on fast track projects for the Tennessee Valley Authority. Many of these projects were at nuclear plants which had very tight schedules and required close coordination between design and construction.  Pre-engineered metal buildings were used for a number of these projects.  The project coordinator for this project will be Kristi Butler. She has experience with design and production on a number of commercial facilities and is also currently directing the TGI Friday’s fast track project.”

Martella Associates

“Leon Williams Construction has completed three projects with Commercial Bank.  All three requiring special attention.  Mr. Williams strives to keep all deadlines, and in fact tries to complete the projects ahead of schedule.  The company’s workmanship and craftsmanship is excellent.  All change orders that are necessary are completed in an enjoyable way without trying to gain unreasonable profit.

The company has built two of our branch offices in the Knoxville area.  Each was distinct.  The Halls office on Emory Road and Highway 33 was completed April 30, 1995.  The company completed the project 30 days ahead of schedule.  The office is a two-story building with 6,000 square feet on each floor.  Our Powell Branch, also on Emory Road, was completed on time on April 30, 1998.

Our main office in Harrogate on Cumberland Gap Parkway required a 10,500 square feet addition.  This addition was turned over to us June 30, 1996.  It was completed 55 days ahead of schedule.  This project was a challenge, as it was constructed over an existing building and does not touch the building for support.  The construction required working during a bad winter with the bank’s facilities for walk-in and drive-up traffic remaining open during normal business hours and required the coordination between numerous subcontractors.  Needless to say, that due to Mr. William’s company the project was handled efficiently.

We are well pleased with Mr. Williams, both as a builder and as a Christian gentleman.  Should you desire to inspect either of the buildings that Mr. Williams has built for us, it would be our pleasure to show you through them.”


Commercial Bank

“As our renovation project nears and end, I find that I have been most delinquent in one account:  I have failed to write and tell you what a tremendous job that Robert Ledbetter and indeed every LWGC employee has done.

Robert has, without exception, been honest, straightforward, exceedingly competent, courteous, and hard working.  I can’t imagine having anyone better in this position.

He has almost become a part of our office here and we will all miss him when he is gone.

One trademark (or so it seems) of all LWGC employees is that all of them take the time to smile and speak to you, every single time.  I have not met an employee of yours on the job that has not been exceptionally courteous.

We are going to have an outstanding facility here and I personally want to make sure that you know that we are proud to have been associated this short time with your company.”


Appalachian Therapy Center

“Tennessee Associates International has been a client of Leon Williams since the Spring of 1993, when we began planning our new corporate headquarter facility in Alcoa, Tennessee.

I was personally involved in designing the layout of our building with the Leon Williams staff, whose expertise was invaluable to the process.  Following an ambitious construction schedule, we broke ground in July of 1993 and moved into our new 20,000 square foot facility in February of 1994 – one month ahead of schedule.

Leon Williams is very concerned about customer service and has always been very prompt and courteous in meeting our needs.  It is a pleasure to do business with them.”


Tennessee Associates International

“I wanted to take a few moments to express my gratitude for a job well done.  I have been especially impressed with the professionalism of all of your employees that I have been in contact with.  Having Jerry Diggs and Rick Walker involved in the final completion of the building is an excellent touch.  Both men went out of their way to keep me informed of the remaining issues on the punch list.  Items on the punch list were also completed without delay.  I was also most impressed with your people identifying items that I did not even notices.

I also feel the need to compliment Robert Ledbetter’s project management.  I thought Robert did an excellent job keeping the project on track and within budget.

I would definitely use Leon Williams again.  Thank you for the opportunity to work with your company.”


Innovative Controls, Inc.

“We all wanted to take a moment and extend to you again our heartfelt appreciation for the wonderful work you and your crew did in the renovation of our sanctuary.  We did not miss a service in the sanctuary, nor did we find a mess to worship around.  The cost of the work was also very reasonable and we want to especially thank you for that.”

The Church of Kagley Chapel

“Since the time is drawing near for the Stock Creek Baptist Church project to come to completion, I would like to take the time, on a personal note, to say how much I appreciate your company and for the men who have worked on this project.  From the beginning of the job in November until now, I have developed a friendship with these guys and I’m sure going to miss them when they are gone.  When you see someone on a daily basis and communicate and cut up with them, they begin to feel like “family”.  I also appreciate their hard work and dedication to this project and in giving their best until it’s completed.


To Glen Weathersby, Jason Fergason, Dan Bunch, Jerry Glandon, David Geort, Mike Shipwash, Mike Robinson, and Eddie Savage, I say “Thanks guys, and I’m sure going to miss you all!”

And last, but definitely not list, I say a BIG “thank you!!!” to Junior Ford.  This man has amazed me at his talents (there’s nothing he can’t do); his dedication to this project (many, many hours beyond the call of duty); despite all of the conflicts this project has ran in to, he’s kept everything going.  He’s worked extra hard to take care of me to keep my office up and running and in order (the best we could), to keep me cooled off when the air conditioning was off, and always took the time to check on me to see if there was anything he could do to help me out – I guess you could say I’ve been spoiled.  (Of course they’ve all done that to some extent since I’m the only woman on the job!).  I’ve also appreciated his concern for this church and always striving to do what’s in the best interest for us.  I understand he has recently received a promotion – he deserves it, and from what I have seen of him, you will not be disappointed that you chose him for this position.

Again, I saw “thank you” to everyone involved in this project at Leon Williams General Contractor.  To be honest, I am not looking forward to the day when I have to say my “goodbyes” to everyone.  I feel as if I’m losing a part of my family.  Thanks again for all of your hard work.”


Stock Creek Baptist Church

“I want to take this occasion to again thank Leon Williams personally for the excellent performance on this job.  The client is very pleased, and we have received many expressions of wonder and congratulations from the former occupants and others who were familiar with this building.  Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference for any future work.”


Bee & Cee Corporation

“I wanted to let you know how very appreciative Mike and I are to you for your help in remedying the window problem at our new home.  It is so comforting to be dealing with someone with your expertise and integrity.  I have been quite disheartened by some of our previous experiences and it is absolutely refreshing to have you as our contractor.

We are extremely pleased thus far with all the work your company has done for us.  They have been courteous, trustworthy and efficient.

Hopefully we will be dealt with fairly in this situation and that it won’t take forever ~ enabling us to happily settle into our new home.  Again, our gratitude to you for both helping us customize our home and helping to rectify the window problem.”



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