Three Advantages of Hiring a Design-Build Team

In the old days of commercial construction, a developer would hire an engineer or architect to design the facility, and then have contractors place bids on building from the design. These days, though, it’s becoming more of a trend for commercial developers to enlist the help of a design-build team. These firms combine both tasks to simplify the process of getting your project completed.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we are all about simplifying the building process, so we have found the design-build approach ideal for our clients in the Maryville and Knoxville area. If you’re a commercial developer looking to get a commercial construction project going, here are three advantages to hiring a design-build team for your job.

  1. Teamwork: Because design-build      firms are responsible both for designing a facility and building it, there      is an increased level of cooperation and coordination. Everyone is working      toward the same goal, and everyone is an expert in the process, so it’s      easy for the design-build team to make decisions and streamline the work      that needs to be done.
  2. Responsibility: When you hire a      design-build firm, that one entity is the only company responsible for      everything from the budget, to the timeline, to the quality of the      materials and workmanship. They want to deliver a good product, and nobody      will take sides and point fingers to protect their individual interest      should any conflict arise. This also means they’re devoting more time to      meeting your needs, not just fulfilling basic requirements, so you’re      probably going to get a better product.
  3. Efficiency: A design-build team’s      ability to work together gives you more control over the design itself,      and the cost. They’re working together to make sure that the material and      labor costs fit into your agreed budget. Plus, since the workflow is      smoother than it would be if you hired two separate firms, there will also      be more efficiency in project completion as well, which means you’ll      probably get your facility up and running that much faster. Finally,      you’ll run into fewer errors or conflicts over problems, which minimizes      the paperwork, claims, and cost of fixing errors that can result from      having two companies on the same project.

Ultimately, you have to decide whether a design-build team is the best option for your commercial construction project. We have found that it works well for us at Leon Williams Contractors, and it keeps our clients coming back for more.

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