Trends in Medical Office Construction

Commercial construction isn’t limited to the restaurants, stores, and malls you see around town. It also includes professional buildings, hospitals, and medical offices, which are often part of a suite of offices or shopping center.

Today, the medical office landscape is shifting from private, general practitioners, to bigger outpatient facilities capable of more procedures. Outpatient care accounts for about 60 percent of hospital revenue, and experts think that will grow another 20-30 percent in the next decade.

At Leon Williams Contractors, we keep an eye on changes in the construction industry, because we know that will affect the work we and other general contractors in East Tennessee, and elsewhere, do.

One of the biggest trends in constructing these outpatient facilities and other medical offices, is that healthcare companies are looking for spaces that can easily be reconfigured to suit any changing needs they have. Modular building allows facilities to rework a floor plan to add more exam rooms, move around specialties and doctors’ offices, or increase storage capabilities.

There’s also more emphasis on efficiency, quality and performance as cost saving methods for healthcare companies. Many new facilities want patients to be able to check in at a kiosk and go straight to an exam room, to minimize time spent in the waiting room. Some facilities will give injections in another area, outside of exam rooms, to expedite the process of getting patients cared for in an efficient manner. But no companies want to sacrifice quality of care for the sake of saving time and money, so it’s a delicate balance.

Design is also a big consideration in today’s medical offices. Healthcare providers are looking for “affordable elegance,” which leaves design and construction teams looking for creative ways to build a structure. Tilt-up concrete construction, typically used in building big box stores, is one way to save a lot of money on the structural costs of a building. Modern, elegant finishes can then be added inside – like exposing the concrete in clever ways and adding natural wood touches.

In short, today’s medical office construction is aimed at providing patients with a comfortable, inviting environment, an efficient experience at the facility – all at the lowest cost possible. If you’re a medical office developer looking to incorporate some of these trends, contact Leon Williams Contractors today – we’ll be happy to work with you on your project.

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