Wireless Weather Stations: Useful equipment on the job site?

East TN comes with its share of weather challenges. From the inches of ice and snow we have experienced over the past few years to the wet, soggy spring and summers we have grown to know, sticking to deadlines can prove to be difficult. As a General Contractor, working under these extreme conditions, with projects located all over the East TN area, Leon Williams Contractors tries to find ways to help keep our projects on schedule and one way we have found to accomplish this is by closely monitoring weather situations on our job sites. While we have not instituted the use of wireless weather stations at all job sites, we have utilized them on more lengthy projects. From monitoring rainfall amounts, temperatures, and wind speeds we feel like overall this equipment has been a tremendous asset.

A few ways these systems have helped LWC on the job site are as follows:

Accurate onsite temperatures: By having onsite temperature readings, we have been able to monitor the safety of our employees from the elements. This came in handy particularly during the freezing temperatures we experienced this past winter. We also used the information gathered by our weather station to determine if the weather was conducive to pouring concrete and whether or not we would have to incorporate additional measures once the concrete was poured.

Job site Wind Speeds: Nothing can be more dangerous than being elevated in the air, on lifts or scaffolding, with strong cross winds. By monitoring wind conditions, our superintendents can maintain the safety of our people and make calls to keep them on the ground during dangerous weather conditions.

Onsite Rainfall Amounts: LWC has found this helpful when looking back at lost time on projects. By having this data we can determine if project delay was weather related.

We are currently using a wireless weather station on Blount County Eye Center located in Maryville, TN. This project is nearing completion and we look forward to reviewing data upon its completion. Overall, Leon Williams Contractors would agree that the use of these systems is beneficial in the construction industry.

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